Maryland Wage GarnishmentsYou might be astounded by the number of good people suffering from Maryland wage garnishments. When the IRS or other entity takes money from your paycheck, it can put a real cramp on your lifestyle. We may be able to stop garnishment. Call us right now at 410.692.5315 and explain your situation.

Other than obtaining a court order and filing a request for the garnishment, creditors also have other responsibilities. They must file a hearing request within 15 days of reporting that a debtor is unemployed by the prospective employer. Otherwise, the court may be forced to dismiss the garnishment. Additionally they must provide a DC/CV 66 or Judgment Creditor's Monthly Report once a payment is received from the garnishment or any other form of payment or credit. This must be accomplished within 15 days after the end of the month within which the payments are received. Creditors in Maryland wage garnishments must also credit payments that are received from any source against: accrued interest on judgment principal's unpaid balance, the judgment principal, and then other costs like attorney fees, in the same order. The creditor must also file an Order of Satisfaction (with the court), within 15 days of receiving the full payment for the judgment.

If you still have many questions about Maryland wage garnishments, contact our hotline: 410-692-5315. Our company (Maryland Wage Garnishment) offers a lifeline program for employees who may be hard on funds and cannot afford legal fees. Check out your many options on dealing with your wage garnishment situation, from paying out the judgment to declaring bankruptcy. Call the hotline to see of you can do something to stop the garnishment of your wages today.